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Real Storage


Real Storage is a customer-centric self storage company. We provide safe and convenient solutions for individuals and businesses. 

Our storage facilities serve homeowners, apartment renters, college students, and local businesses that require extra space due to various circumstances, ranging from moving and downsizing to business expansion.

Unlike other self storage companies, Real Storage offers a welcoming, hands-on approach with happy and satisfied employees dedicated to maintaining clean and secure storage facilities. We prioritize flexibility with a month-to-month lease plan and peace of mind for our customers, ensuring their belongings are safe during any life event.

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Why Choose Us?

Get the best storage options from Real Storage


Feel safe knowing you’ve made the right storage choice. We offer secure storage options, and you can trust our staff to do their best for your belongings.


It’s our goal to provide you with a friendly, welcoming, and supportive environment when you rent from us.


Our month-to-month storage rental agreements allow us (and you) to remain flexible and adaptable. If you need help solving your storage problems, trust us to find a way to help!


What does “real” storage mean? It means real people, real solutions, real rates, and real opportunities. We don’t play games, and we strive to meet your needs with friendly and professional service.

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